03 November 2009

Hello November

Hello November.... welcome once again.

Blimey! Where has the year gone? Hasn't it flown by?! It only seems like 5 minutes ago it was Christmas. Talking of Christmas we have only 52 days until Christmas day!

November is one of my favorite months. The leaves go from a glossy green to beautiful shades of brown, gold, red and maroon. The nights start to draw in where you want to snuggle down with your loved one, and it is appealing to go for long walks in the woods. I look forward to November, although we go to work in the dark and come home in the dark, to me it is Mother Natures way of saying, rest up, relax, chill and wallow.

To me November conjures up images of marshmallows melting on toasting forks by the fire, thick woollen socks, roasting chestnuts, a carpet of fallen leaves cuddling your ankles as you walk and hot chocolate in big mugs. Ahhhhh bliss!

The Acer tree in our Garden

Fresh rosemary from our garden